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At Heavy Equip Rock & Stone, we believe in the simple truth of hard work and the spirit of getting things done right.


Located in Meriwether, GA

Patios by Heavy Equip - Rock & Stone. Located in Meriwether, GA

Walk Ways

Custom Walk Ways 

- Stone

- Brick

- Pavers

- River Rock 

- Pallet Wood

- Stamped Concrete


$10 sq.ft.


Outdoor Living Patios

- Flag Stone 

- Stone Patios 

- Poolside Patios

- Out Door Kitchen Patios


$12 sq.ft.

Stump Grinding

- By the Diameter $3 / inch -

Best for 1-4 Stumps.  


- By the stump $100 - $200 base, then negotiated price for rest.

Best for Over 5 Stumps. 


$3 per inch

                      guaranteed       to get the job done right!

Heavy Equip - Rock & Stone delivers

top quality work, with a satisfaction guaranteed. We have the tools & equipment to get the job done right to last the test of time.                    

Andrew Miller 

Heavy Equip LLC

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Heavy Equip LLC

Green Teeth, Hydraulic Stump Grinder
Heavy Equip LLC Stump Grinder
Brush Hog, Heavy Equip LLC
Heavy Equip LLC
Heavy Equip - Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding, Meriwether, GA

Heavy Equip LLC
Walk Way/ Small Patio
Create outdoor living space to fit your lifestyle.
Heavy Equip Rock & Stone
Walk way leading to private patio
Heavy Equip Rock & Stone
River rock w/ Flag Stone walkway
Heavy Equip Rock & Stone
Crushed Granite with stone boarder
Gravel driveways
Heavy Equip Rock & Stone
Chattahoochee River Rock
Use local source river rock to create durable outdoor parking.
Heavy Equip Rock & Stone
Local Source Stone Stepping path
Natural stepping stones give an organic feel, very durable and low maintenance. Heavy Equip Rock & Stone
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Heavy Equip​ LLC


Andrew Miller - Owner 

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