Erosion is the geological process in which soil is worn away and moved by natural forces such as wind and water and is one of the most significant environmental disasters to impact the state of Georgia.

Heavy Equip LLC deals with Soil Erosion which impacts both commercial and personal properties of every size.

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Erosion Before.jpg
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the 4 Types of erosion we deal with

          • Splash Erosion - Created

             from the impact of a falling

             raindrop dislodging and

             splashing soil particles away

          • Sheet Erosion - When 

             runoff moves soil loosened

             by splash erosion, allowing

             water to pool

          • Rill Erosion - Channels

             created by unaddressed

             runoff that develops into

             minor streams (ie. rills)

          • Gully Erosion - If left

             unaddressed, soil between

             small rills will wash away

             and become one large gully

From vehicular damage caused by washed out driveways to damage to your home's foundation, unaddressed erosion can lead to severe property damage.

Before- French Drain Install

Why is erosion control important for your home or business?

Erosion Control can help stabilize the ground and give a strong buffer towards the elements. Soil erosion can create significant damage to foundations of both residential and commercial buildings and if left unaddressed can undermine structural integrity.

Heavy Equip LLC uses Natural Ground Coverings like Sand and Rock Aggregates that help slow water down so that it can absorb into the ground properly and adequately without causing damage. This prevents concentrated drainage issues and gives a pleasing aesthetic with a natural hardscaped solution.

What is a blue card?

The Blue Card is the certificate that Qualifies a person or business to do any kind of ground moving in Georgia. It signifies that this person or business has had training in how to conduct ground moving business without disrupting the stablilization of the land and prevent soil erosion.

Heavy Equip LLC is a registered and certified business and the owner Andrew Miller is Blue Card Certified with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission 

"Anyone involved in land development, design, review, permitting, construction, monitoring, inspection, or any land-disturbing activity in Georgia must meet education requirements and be certified by the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission"

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