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Heavy Equip LLC - Lake Eufuala Alabama

andrew Miller.

I'm a fully insured Level 1B Certified Inspector with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission and an Erosion Control Specialist. I was trained and certified at the Georgia Utility Training Academy in Monroe GA.

I'm passionate about keeping Georgia's land and waters beautiful by using different ground stabilization techniques and cleaning up waterways. My favorite aggregate is Blue Ridge Mountain Slate and I love the feeling of seeing our hard work solving problems for every day people and making their lives easier while also leaving a positive impact on the beautiful lands and water of the state of Georgia.

Heavy Equip LLC - Andrew Miller - Owner - Red Card Inspector with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation - Yard Drainage Solutions and Lake Weed Removal
Heavy Equip LLC - Georgia Miller - Co Owner - Marketing Manager  - Yard Drainage Solutions and Lake Weed Removal

Georgia Miller.

I'm a self taught photographer, videographer, web designer and marketing manager. My favorite things to photograph are nature and I just so happen to be lucky enough to work doing just that.

I'm passionate about photography and design and everything nature. I love grooming nature and creating a beautiful and functional outside space with natural materials as nature intended like rocks, stones and plants versus concrete and straight lines. My favorite things to do are fish and go hiking with my camera in hand.

Our Values Are Important To Us

We believe that using what nature has provided will always prevail over anything man made. That's why we are true believers in stabilizing the ground with natural materials to keep water flowing in it's natural state.


Nothing feels better than the feeling you get when you step back and see the fruit of your labor after a job well done. At Heavy Equip we believe that hard work is the truest form of respect you can show in service to your clients.


As a family owned business, it's important to us that our children see us maintain our integrity in everything we do. That is why you can be confident that you will never be misled with Heavy Equip for a quick sale. 


We believe that using quality materials, specialized equipment, and invested knowledge enables us to execute a solid solution when installing buffer preventive measures (BPMs)


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