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Andrew Miller

owner & Operator



  • Fully Insured Level 1B Certified Inspector with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission

  • Erosion Control Specialist 

  • Client Relationship Manager

A Bit About Me

I began my career at 17 working long days and nights in Locations for the filming industry in LA building sets, dealing with logistics, generators and design plans. I was raised on hard work and sweat. Growing up on 11 Acres in Middle Georgia there was always work needing to be done. My favorite thing to do was work with my Pops maintaining the property along with installs of various hardscapes and landscaping. This early foundation of hard work fueled my love for working hard and knowing I wanted to some day own my own company working with my hands outdoors. After 13 years working in LA I decided to go back to my roots and get to work on something of my very own.

After moving back to Georgia I spent my time learning all I could about tractors, equipment and taking care of the land. When I first started Heavy Equip LLC, my wife and I started with a small home office, a shovel, pickaxe and wheel barrow. We saved every penny we could to invest in a push brush cutter, then a stump grinder, then a small 1994 John Deere Tractor, which lead to a 2017-1023e John Deere Tractor, Blue Card and Red Card Certifications with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission, Seed Dealer License and now an Environmental Diesel Work Boat for cleaning waterways. Our goal is to keep growing so we can keep Georgia's lands and waters beautiful. 


Georgia Miller

Marketing Manager

  • Digital Marketer

  • Blog Writer 

  • Website Builder

  • Drone and Camera Operator

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