Alabama Crimson Red Rock and Oversized Jumbo River Rock.jpg

Alabama Crimson

Metamorphic Rock

Color: Red, Orange, Light and Dark Grey

  • Formed from Shale, Sandstone & Clay
  • Found in Northern Alabama
  • Minimizes Weed Growth and Prevents Erosion
  • Ground Covering that Insulates Plants
  • Provides Excellent Water Filtration
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

* Also called Cedar Bark Rock

Alabama Crimson

Alabama Crimson Rock has one of most interesting back stories. It is one of the rarest rocks and is actually accidentally man made. It was formed from old mining companies that were searching for new sources of coal. During their search for coal the miners would discard shale, sandstone and clay into piles that formed small mountains that eventually caught on fire and caused the discarded materials to metamorphasize into something completely new, never seen before in the world of rock.