the 2022 Weedoo TC 3012

- Aquatic Weed Harvester -

Heavy Equip LLC is a proud owner of a State-of-the-Art 2022 TC 3012 Aquatic Weed Harvester made by Weedoo INC. It’s a non-chemical mechanical extraction method that shows immediate results by removing trash, weeds and invasive plant species. This improves the oxygen levels and water quality, creating a healthier habitat and water source for fish and other wildlife without using harmful chemical sprays. Outfitted with a Kubota Diesel Engine, Fiberglass/Kevlar Hull, Harvester Boom, Front Loader Bucket, Attached Underwater Hydraulic Pole Saw and the ability to operate in 8 inches of water, it is highly equipped to clean even the most difficult of waterways. 

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Invasive Aquatic Plants

While some can be quite pretty, they can wreak havoc on a pond or lake's eco system. Fast growing, they suffocate native plants and can turn perfectly healthy ponds or lakes unhealthy in a short matter of time. Invasive Aquatic Plants affect water quality and oxygen levels in the water ultimately killing fish and other aquatic animals that call this habitat home which in turn affects local wildlife that also rely on the water source for nutritional needs.

Being wide spreaders, these invasive plants also reduce real estate values, ruin a good time at the lake and will most assuredly make certain that your boat gets stuck. Mechanical removal with our Weedoo Workboat ensures that you can get back to enjoying your slice of nature with the assurance that it is leading to a healthier habitat for your fishy friends without introducing chemicals which can cause a whole other set of problems.

lake weed removal