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Slate as an Erosion Control Buffer

Updated: Jan 2

Learn all about North Ga Slate and why it makes a great Erosion Control Buffer and Aesthetic addition to your Landscape

North Ga Slate

Metamorphic ROCK

Color: Varying Shades of Grey

Hardness: 2.5-4

*Almost as hard as Marble and Limestone

  • Formed from Shale

  • Found in the Valley and Ridge Region of Georgia

  • Has Wet Like Appearance in the Sun

  • Minimizes Weed Growth and Prevents Erosion

  • Ground Covering that Insulates Plants

  • Frost and Flame Resistant

  • Provides Excellent Water Filtration

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

“All of the Slate deposits in Georgia are mica slates of sedimentary origin. The Rockmart slates and green slates are slightly fading, but the silver gray, high-potash slate of the Cartersville district is absolutely unfading.”

Slate folds, which formed during the mountain-building events of the Paleozoic Era, are visible around Rockmart in the Valley and Ridge geologic province of northwest Georgia.

This texture produces. smooth and lustrous cleavage surfaces.


Jumbo Slate Chips

Jumbo Chips are an aesthetically pleasing size that is perfect for flower beds and rockscapes while being heavy enough to stay in place during extreme weather


Medium Slate Chips

Slightly smaller than the jumbo chips, this size is great used as an Erosion Preventative Buffer or Landscaping


Mini Slate Chips

Mini Chips compact nicely and lays flat for an easy, trip free surface that is perfect for patios and walking paths


Trail Mix Slate Chips

Trail Mix is the byproduct of the chipping process and has the strongest compaction of all Slate Sizes which makes it our favorite choice for any recreational & industrial use

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