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Rubber Mulch Playground Install

rubber mulch

From home playgrounds to public, school or church playgrounds, Rubber Mulch provides the safest landing of any playground surfacing. Being highly durable, it's an investment that you won't have to constantly replenish due to decomposition and always washes right off without retaining moisture for a clean play area with very little maintenance.   

- Heavy Equip LLC is a Registered and Certified Business in the State of Ga -

Andrew Miller is a Level 1B Certified Inspector with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission 

If you're wanting a completely hardscaped surface to prevent mud puddles, weeds and drainage issues, artificial turf makes the perfect pairing with Rubber Mulch. Along with Mulch, we also provide Rubber Tile Installs for a flat surface area and Rubber Edging to provide a softer edge to playground parameters. All Heavy Equip LLC Rubber Medium installations are SAFE PLAY act compliant.

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