What to expect

We look forward to working with you and we appreciate your patience during the process and understanding of the nuances of the work required.


We will NEVER give a verbal estimate on site

Each estimate gets the proper time and calculation it deserves and we do not rush the process.

You will receive an estimate via email where you can accept or decline all online.

before install

  • Initial Walkthrough

  • Estimate in 2-3 days

  • We will contact 811 before any install requiring digging

  • Contract needs to be signed before work begins

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Tractor and Rock - black_edited.png

Material delivery

Deliveries are made via Dump Trucks that need a clear driveway to make deliveries.

Rock and other Natural Materials will be sandy and chalky upon install. 

No worries though - this WILL wash off with rain.

Big Long Rock.png


Prep is time extensive and messy.

  • Before starting we will need to prep the area which normally means removing dirt.

  • Most of the materials come straight from the earth at the Quarry. 

  • All debris from work will be cleared from work site, please be patient with the process.


install stages

Work will be completed in Stages

  • Prep

  • Installation

  • Clean Up

* pressure washing is not included



Each install has it's own special needs, materials, equipment and time constraints.

If any install needs more materials than originally quoted then they can be discussed and added to the final Invoice.

clean up

Heavy Equip LLC takes pride in cleaning up after each install and not leaving you with a mess of stray materials to clean up after we leave the site.

*Pressure Washing NOT Included

after install

Installation area will be raw but everything WILL settle with time.

Rain will wash the rock clean, the grass will regrow. Have faith in the installation.