Aquatic Services

What to expect

We look forward to working with you and we appreciate your patience during the process and understanding of the nuances of the work required.


What and where?

  • Private Ponds and Lakes

  • Shorelines

  • Swimming Areas

  • Docks and Boat Ramps

  • City Parks and Recreational Ponds and Lakes

  • Swamps, Canals and Wetlands

  • Marinas & Resorts

  • Storm Damage & Litter

  • Search & Rescue

how long does it take?

Mechanical Extraction is an instant removal that can be done in a few days versus Chemicals that take months to work and lead to suffocation of the oxygen levels in your waters

Heavy Equip LLC _ Weedoo Boat _ Servicing the State of Georgia

Debris Removal

Daily Rates do not include disposal

Since we travel it is more economical for the property owner to hire a local Hauling Service to dispose of debris

Decayed Weed and Brush also makes excellent compost - we make sure to keep proper distance from water



We do not provide Estimates or Quotes for Full Lake Cleanup


We are based on a 8 Hr/Daily Rate

This provides each client the option of choosing how many days of work is provided according to their budget

We will give recommendations for how many days we believe it will take to completely clean your waterways. Just one day will make a dramatic difference.


our Rates

Daily Rate $1700


Mobilization fee

Under $50 - No M Fee

+ 50 Miles $150 

+ 100 Miles $250

Overnight Hotel Stays

$175 per Day



We require a $150 scheduling fee to hold your spot on the calendar. The remaining balance will be due on the day of job completion and a property lien waiver will be provided upon receipt of payment.

Heavy Equip LLC _ Weedoo Boat _ Servicing the State of Georgia
Heavy Equip LLC _ Weedoo Boat _ Servicing the State of Georgia
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Is it permanent?

Nature will always try to reclaim its territory and the removal of invasive plants is a process. However, extracting annually for 2-3 years is the best method of tamping down on the issue without harmful chemicals that create biomass silt at the bottom of your lake leading to murky waters.